I outlined in this post that the way that I meal plan.


After vacation last week, I’m looking for some solid & healthy meals to get me back to feeling my best and trying to settle down some of this post-vacation bloat. Did an easy meal prep for this week!


Really similar to last week — I’ll likely switch between granola + almond milk and sauteed spinach + scrambled eggs.



I pulled some leftover creamy broccoli + potato soup out of the freezer, and I’ll have it with Pederson’s kielbasa and avocado. Nothing fancy, but plenty filling.



I whipped up some meatballs yesterday with what I had on hand and they turned out SO DELICIOUS! I’ll get the recipe up soon. But the main ingredients were ground chicken, sauteed mushrooms, and fresh chopped basil from my garden (!!). The result was awesome! I also baked a couple sweet potatoes, sauteed some frozen veggies, and put everything over a bed of spinach.