I outlined in this post that the way that I meal plan.


Had a long and awesome Memorial Day weekend! Feeling a little bit bloaty after overindulging, so bringing in some easy & feel good meals for this week. I have a lot going on this week, so I prepped everything on Sunday night!


Pederson’s Farms kielbasa + zucchini. I slice everything into halfmoon shapes on Sunday and separate out into single servings. All I have to do in the morning is heat & eat!



I made a riff on a chicken salad that I saw a few weeks ago on Alex’s (of The Defined Dish) Instagram. It’s a spicy / sweet chicken salad – with chicken, bacon, dried cranberries, diced jalapeno, celery, and fresh mint. I’ll have it over greens with plenty of crisp, cold veggies and a piece of fruit.

I portion out the chicken salad into its own small containers (it made 5 servings), then have larger containers with the greens + veggies. This way, the greens don’t get soggy! More tupperware to clean, but much better experience when eating.



I made delicious turkey mint burgers! Full disclosure: I’ve never made burgers. I think I always thought you needed a grill to make burgers? Turns out, that’s not true. It was a bit of a splattering mess, but it was so worth it! The burgers got a delicious sear, and I served them in a lettuce wrap (that crunch!!!!) with tomato, avocado, marinated onions, mustard, and mayo. Pretty happy with that. Also roasted some asparagus & sweet potato rounds to finish the plate.